Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Barrack Obama really a Socialist - Some Clarification?

I felt the need to do an expose on the reality of President Obama’s real intent, and political direction. Many conservative pundits, politicians, and even I have stated that Barrack H. Obama is a socialist or even a communist.

There are many illustrations prior to, during, and even after the campaign and election, by Obama, that would lead one to believe he is indeed a socialist. Issues like his veiled Marxist like denunciation of people of faith when he stated, “…bitter people in small towns cling to religion…” is a good example. Another is his “nationalization” of the nations largest automobile manufacturer General Motors clearly a socialist move. His insistence on having a national healthcare system by the end of this year, is yet another.

However if you speak to socialists and ask that same question you would be surprised at the answer. No Barack Obama is not a TRUE socialist. According to those like F.N. Brill, National Secretary of the World Socialist Party (US): “Obama is as much a socialist as the Pope is an atheist” or editor of the Socialist Party of U.S.A’s magazine Billy Wharton who states that, “…socialists know that Barack Obama is not one of us. Not only is he not a socialist, he may in fact not even be a liberal. Socialists understand him more as a hedge-fund Democrat — one of a generation of neoliberal politicians firmly committed to free-market policies.”

So which is it, which is correct, those “hysterical” right-wingers or the highly offended left wing socialists? ----------------------- BOTH!

That’s right this persons opinion is they are both right. Barrack is promoting socialist policies just as most of his predecessors have done since Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson’s administration passed the VERY communist progressive income tax, a major plank of Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, but was President Wilson necessarily a socialist or communist, no I think not. Every president Democrat and Republican, except for maybe one or two, since then has promoted some aspect of socialism.

So why all the consternation, why all the concern by the right, and why are the left so offended and or bothered that the right would even make such accusations about someone they claim they see as being a capitalist?

To answer the first part, primarily it is becoming clear to many conservatives in the Republican Party and independents alike that we are no longer just a welfare state, but close to becoming a total socialist nation. There are others that are using this slight awakening as political leverage to gain votes, but not really caring one way or the other.

Summarily the left and their so-called feelings of being insulted by calling this smooth talker one of them is also two fold, on the one hand there are true socialists, those that believe in utopic socialism, that are offended by the reality that Obama is really pro-capitalist. Then there are those that know just what the story is really all about and that is that socialism is just another tool of the super capitalists to gain more power, so they will do all they can to convince the public that this man is not one of them for fear that they might lose the momentum that has been built by the media, and Hollywood elite in implementing the socialist programs he is proposing.

I know that there may be a few cocked heads that read this thinking, this makes no sense, how can a socialist be a capitalist they are opposing philosophies. That is true in a purely philosophical sense, but not in application, and hence the confusion, but let’s look at the history of virtually every socialist government. Hitler was financed by of all people German banking concerns, and supported by the mainstream media of that country all of which felt that they could control this “little man”. The bank known today as just Chase, once known as Chase-Manhattan bank loaned $20,000,000.00 in gold to Marxist insurgent Vladimir Lenin just prior to the Russian Revolution. The communist Federal Income Tax was promoted and passed the same year that the independent banking system, the Federal Reserve took root and control of our currency, not a coincidence.

The list goes on and on ad infinitum, but the truth is that those groups of people in the top .01% have been controlling our political system for some time now slowly applying Pavlovian type indoctrination (training) to the general public primarily through manipulation of the media but also through our schools of higher learning by way of so-called non-profit foundations, to accept their own slavery.

Obama may be no worse than any other president we have had in the past three decades, but he is the one to move us forward at even a faster pace, he has already begun to nationalize businesses small and large either by direct financial control as he has done with G.M. or veiled through government mandates like the current bill being forced through Congress known as Cap and Trade. Of course he has already bailed out the banks with OUR money, which was never necessary in the first place. Tens of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes due to foreclosure and daddy gov now holds note on most of those homes.

The thing to remember is this, socialism/communism philosophically would be, as it is proposed, utopian, but it is not practical in the real world where greed, lust for money, and power exist. Socialist economy in the hands of this type of person becomes nothing more than another name for Feudal System. The very few at the top (banking families), who control all the money fill the role of royalty, monarchs, and potentates, those that they pay to implement their policies, fill the role of the barons, sheriffs and such (i.e politicians, military leaders, etc) and at the bottom the rest of us the serfs, the peasants, that do all the work and have no way to climb out of that role.

It has been forwarded by some that buy into the “altruistic” plans of elite that they are doing this for the good of all mankind, but are you willing to allow someone else to determine who, what, and where you fit in life? The ONLY system of government that will provide the opportunity to achieve through hard work and dedication at this time is the one that our forefathers set up and that is a Constitutional Republic. Is it perfect, hell no, but there is NOTHING past or present that will allow for individual freedom and protection of the innocent like this system. Once subverted into an economy and legal system ruled from the top down rather than from the people up than we will have lost the stability and meaning of our constitution and no longer will the poor be able to work to change their status in life. Once locked into the entitlement system where people are dependant on the government to provide than there is little to no chance of getting free from that system. In short we would than be vassals of the state.

So in conclusion is Barack Obama a socialist, yes and no. He is a shill for the industrial- banking complex, the Uber-capitalists, applying their directives of socialist enslavement. He is a threat to the freedom of our children, our grand children and us. We have one more year till the next election, we need to be diligent in our watch over Congress, write letters, send e-mails, make phone calls to your representatives and let them know where you stand, and above all vote those in office now that support Obama and the socialist bankers, out. Let them hear the voice of the people as we still have the ability to turn this around, it is not too late. With the grace of God and willingness of the good hardworking people of the nation all can be saved.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to Marxist America

I received a call the other day by a really good friend who was curious as to why I have been so quiet on my Blog regarding what is happening in the world today. The conversation led to a discussion about the doomsday prophesies from the Bible, Nostradamus, and even early American Indian cultures like the Mayans and Hopi’s regarding December 12th 2012. Well I don’t know what will happen on that date regarding the world and possible catastrophic happenings, but I can tell you what will happen here in this once great Republic of the United States of America by that date.

In response to why I have been so quiet of late, the answer is quite simple I have been cowed by the media propaganda that has made anyone using terms like conspiracy, socialism, and even simple descriptive words like “liberal” reason for ridicule. I had for the most part given up on “spreading the word” about what is happening and what has already occurred in this country. However, anyone knowing me realizes that I can only stay quiet for so long, especially now that I have grandchildren that I fear will be subjugated to the loss of freedoms we are well on the way to losing.

What we are seeing today is the death of the free enterprise economic system. Our current president and the boot licking Congress are leading us down the path to Marxism. Government now controls GM, the one time model of capitalism and American industry. Over 60% of the ownership of GM is now in the hands of the federal government. GM will be under constant scrutiny and direction by government bureaucrats. This is but one step in the demise of private ownership in this country. The other aspect is the whispered fact that the government now holds note of millions of private property (homes) all over the country, even if sold back to John Q. Public they will effectively hold the mortgages of these homes and subsequently be the true owners.

Sad as it is not one main stream reporter has the intestinal fortitude to admit and publish the truth, however from the once Marxist nation of Russia (USSR) a reporter for Pravda has spoken loud and clear as to what is happening in the U.S. today, and it ain’t pretty. Please read the article that one of JMO’s best contributors Mike Zupkofska posted: Lost in Obamaland, or go directly to the article in Pravda, I believe anyone interested in the truth will find these most interesting.

For years I have been asking the question of people just why are some of the wealthiest people in the world pro-socialist. Why is it that a system that seemingly is against massing wealth and power being supported financially and philosophically by these people? The answer is simple, as it was for Hitler, and Stalin, a socialist economy is the most effective way to control the “masses” while the very few at the top have total autonomy.

The system that Obama is forwarding will be the final demise of our once great Republic and will issue in the rise of the Union of Socialist States of America. Watch for discussion on incorporating the U.S., Mexico and Canada in the next few years to a EU style cooperative, that will be the next step. The process was already started by the former president G.W. Bush and was called the S.S.P. or Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. Even the often time left leaning CNN reported on this and the possible hidden agenda of this agreement.

Obama was asked during the campaign about his thoughts on a North American Union (NAU) and his answer is quite interesting, but not surprising. He feigned ignorance and said that there was nothing he was aware of that supported that idea and yet both he and his wife are affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations that has been promoting this objective for years, and Bush along with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had already signed in to S.S.P. agreement just that year, but Obama had not knowledge of this?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Were there WMD in Iraq?

The simple answer is yes there were, but the question of, when, remains the major debating issue. Were they still there when President Bush ordered the action on Iraq? If they were there just prior to when we went in, where did they go? Or were they even there after 1999-2001 action.

There are a number of neo-conservative web sites that claim some sort of elaborate cover-up regarding the possibility that there were sites where massive amounts of WMD were found shortly after the campaign and due to incompetence with the group(s) involved all those weapons were spirited away by Syrian intelligence with the help of Russian, Chinese, and North Korean intelligence. They claim that the Bush administration covered it up due to embarrassment that they lost all these weapons to the terrorists that they agreed with the democrat hierarchy, who would have been red faced to admit they (the WMD) were there in the first place, not to admit that they found anything.

On the other side of the political spectrum you have the uber-liberal democrat Blogs and web sites that are claiming there were no WMD from 1999 on, and that Saddam was no longer planning on his rebuilding of the Babylonian Empire with force. They dismiss any and all information from the neo-cons as pure fiction.

Maybe there is somewhere, in the middle, that is more a possibility and one supported by a reliable resource, the specialty investigation team from the U.N. called the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC).

I will elaborate on the findings of this report further on in this article, but first I have to ask why this account has NEVER been reported by the media, is ignored by the neo-cons, and not even recognized by those on the left, even though anything U.N. is sacred to them.

First of all there have been numerous reports by the UNMOVIC group, but this is the final one in the investigation of Iraqi WMD, written in 2004, S2004/435. Much of the detail in this report was done just prior to as well as during and after the U.S. invasion into Iraq, which was March 20th to May 1, 2003. It is important to recognize those dates because the timeline drawn in the UNMOVIC reports shows that Iraq DID have WMD right up to and possibly even during the early days of combat in that country. This report is based on investigation from March 1, 2004 to May 31, 2004. So the data included in this report has to do with what Iraq had and where it went.

The first findings of the UNMOVIC report have to do with unmanned aerial vehicle programs and long-range missiles. Here is the actual text from this report.

The Commission’s experts are conducting an investigation in parallel with the
IAEA Iraq Nuclear Verification Office regarding the discovery of items from Iraq
that are relevant to the mandates of UNMOVIC and IAEA at a scrap yard in the
Netherlands. In particular, following a visit of IAEA to a scrap yard in Rotterdam to investigate increased radiation readings, it was discovered, through photographs taken at the time, that engines of SA-2 surface-to-air missiles were among the scrap. They are the type of engines used in the Al Samoud 2 proscribed
missile programme. In addition, a number of items and equipment that may also be relevant to the UNMOVIC mandate were seen among the scrap. The existence of missile engines originating in Iraq among scrap in Europe may affect the accounting of proscribed engines known to have been in Iraq’s possession in March 2003. Both IAEA and UNMOVIC have kept the Security Council informed of this matter.

Please note that it was determined by both the IAEA and UNMOVIC that these long-range missiles were in Iraqi hands at the beginning of the U.S. incursion. How where they moved and who moved them is a question yet to be answered.

It goes on to state:

A team of Commission experts visited the site concerned in the Netherlands
and examined one missile engine that had been salvaged from the scrap metal
process. By comparing the serial production number on the engine with information in the UNMOVIC database, the experts were able to confirm that the engine was one from an SA-2 missile that had been tagged by United Nations inspectors in the past and had not been declared as having been fired.

This proves that a previously tagged WMD that should have been disposed of years before had been kept in Iraq and not disposed of as originally thought.

Representatives of the scrapyard company indicated that a number of similar engines (5 to 12) had been seen in the scrapyard in January and February of this year. More engines could have been processed and passed through the yard unnoticed. Company staff confirmed that other items made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant metal alloys bearing the inscription “Iraq” or “Baghdad” had been observed in shipments delivered from the Middle East since November 2003. A number of items were examined and sampled on-site by UNMOVIC experts with a portable metal analyser and were determined to be composed of inconel and titanium — both dual-use materials subject to monitoring. Photographs of other materials bearing Arabic script were taken.

The section I marked in bold clearly shows that these items from Iraq had not arrived till long AFTER the conclusion of the occupation of Iraq by the U.S.

In addition, the Commission is aware from comparative analysis of recent satellite imagery that a number of sites previously known to have contained equipment and materials subject to monitoring have been either cleaned out or destroyed. An example of such imagery is provided in the appendix to the present report. It is not known whether such equipment and materials were still present at the sites(in Iraq) during the time of coalition action in March and April of 2003. However, it is possible that some of the materials may have been removed from Iraq by looters of sites and sold as scrap.

Yes it is possible that looters or maybe Saddam’s henchmen and compatriots in Syria and Lebanon may have removed these during or even after the coalition entry into Iraq, but there is no proof of who took these weapons away.

Again the UNMOVIC report states that Iraq had purchased components for its banned missile program.

There is much evidence that from 1999 to 2002 Iraq procured materials, equipment and components for use in its missile programs. In several instances, the items procured were used by Iraq for programs, such as the production of Al Samoud 2 missiles, that were determined by UNMOVIC in February 2003 to be proscribed. This can be illustrated by the acquisition of at least 380 SA-2 missile engines for Iraq’s prime missile establishment by an Iraqi government-owned trading company controlled by the Military Industrialization Commission through a local Iraqi trading company and a foreign trading company.

Again please note the date.

Lastly the UNMOVIC report mentions the ‘disappearance’ of materials sites and whole buildings during and after the initial assault on Iraq while under satellite surveillance.

While sites in Iraq were being monitored for updates through satellite imagery, it was detected that some sites subject to monitoring by UNMOVIC had been cleaned up and equipment and material had been removed from the sites. In other areas, whole buildings that had previously contained equipment and materials subject to monitoring had been completely dismantled. The work continues to cover all known sites in Iraq.

The bottom line is that both Bush and the neo-cons have essentially given the left an out by claiming they were “misled”, when in fact the intelligence reports from Germany, France, the U.K. as well as Israel’s Mossad and our CIA were in fact correct. Why the subterfuge I have no answer for, however we now have a so-called backlash against conservative representatives that have left this country in the hands of far left proponents.

As I have often stated in my other posts on this site those that have called themselves neo-conservatives are not conservatives at all but in fact liberal lite. It is my opinion that this has been a calculated and well-orchestrated plan to move our country into the hands of socialists. The final push was the economic tumble of the banking and investment market, but that is a discussion for another time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Kyklos – Cycle of Government

For those that are unfamiliar with this term, “The Kyklos” is the phrase used by some classical Greek authors to describe what they saw as the political cycle of governments in a society. It was roughly based on the history of Greek city-states in the same period. The concept of "The Kyklos" is first described in Plato's Republic.

In its simplest form it is the transition from monarchy to aristocracy, to a classical republic, to a democracy, which inevitably evolves into a tyranny. There are several cases of this throughout history with some variation; the most common example is post World War I Germany. Germany went from the monarchy of Bismarck to Wiemar Republic, which evolved into a Democracy to the tyranny of the Nazi Third Reich. Another example and in fact the classic one that Socrates based his concept was Athens itself. Athens started out as a monarchy, moved to republican reform of government, then moved to pure democracy and than tyranny. Socrates saw this cycle in his own lifetime as it move back and forth from tyranny to democracy and back again.

Why is this so important a topic for me? Simply because we are seeing a repeat of this cycle here in our own country. Obviously the cycle is not absolute and can be changed as it was for Athens and even Germany. So being aware of the tendency to move in this pattern is necessary to keep it from happening in the manner of other great cultures, including that of Rome, another example of “The Kyklos”.

Here is the problem though, most people when asked today what form of government we have they will tell you quite proudly “a democracy”, when in fact that is NOT what the founding fathers had in mind for our system of government. The 13 original colonies, which each became independent states, were joined in union as one nation each with its own representation within a SMALL federal government, controlled by a strict set of rules designated in the constitution as a REPUBLIC.

As with the Athenian and Roman models above, the United States of America started out under a monarchy, from there we became a republic, and as of the early part of the twentieth century we moved toward being a democracy and moving ever so steadily toward tyranny.

Time has changed some of the physical conditions of the nation, such as the addition of thirty-seven more states as well as transportation and communication technologies making distances, societal interaction and commerce more available. And the argument for those that have promoted the evolution of our Constitutional Republic to a Democracy has been that these changes have “required” like changes in government.

Under the guise of “for the public good” the federal government has grown not just in bureaucracy but also in power. Few people recognize that until 1913 we had no Federal Income tax, we were not tied to a pseudo private banking conglomerate that has the same economic result as being under the control of a banking oligarchy. We have so many “investigative” branches that when uttered in full they are reminiscent of alphabet soup, CIA, FBI, NSA, NCIS, DEA, and on and on. Now all of these are supposedly under the control of one agency, Home Land Security. Just yesterday our new president put a cap on the wages of corporate CEO’s ushering in the age of New Socialist America. Some politicians, including Obama, have already told us that the constitution is effectively out of date and needs revamping. In other words they want to erase the limitations of federal government that our forefathers expressly put in there to keep us from being a democracy and eventually a tyranny.

I have often used the quote from George Santayana and I will once again remind everyone because it rings so true, “Those that cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” God help us if we as a society refuse to see the warning signals and keep in the direction we are going, for if we do, your children and grandchildren will be living in a despotic government, with little or no concern for individual rights, but only that of the state.